If you’ve got drivers using company vans you can almost certainly benefit from van tracking and not just as a tool to make sure drivers are where they should be, we find a number of our clients using van tracking to prove that staff are onsite when they are supposed to be if a customer challenges an invoice.

Imagine if you perform site visits during the day and charge by the hour, if you bill the customer for 3 hours but they say the person was only onsite for 2 hours, not only does it give the impression that you are happy to overcharge your customers but it may mean you could lose the contract as no-one likes to be ripped off!

There’s a very easy solution, have your vehicles tracked and if challenged provide a report from the tracking system to prove arrival and departure time at the site, the customer is likely to be happy and impressed to see that you are being proactive in managing your staff but it also means you get paid what is due and employee relationships are maintained as this not only proves you invoiced the correct amount, it also shows that your employee is doing their job right.

Like most companies the vast majority of your employees will be doing a good job and have nothing to fear from vehicle tracking, quite the opposite it protects them as well.

Vehicle tracking is more about customer service than policing employees.


  • Fuel Savings
  • Improved Customer Service
  • Extra Income