In order to maximise efficiency and ensure you deliver the highest customer service you need to know where your vehicles are and if they are being held up either on the road or at a pick up or delivery, truck tracking can make this easy for you if used properly.

If you are due at a customers premises you would probably benefit from a quick turn around time and if your customer gets an alert when you are close they can have their staff and equipment in the right place ready for a quick process, why not get your office staff to keep an eye on the vehicle live on their screen and call the customer when the vehicle is 30 minutes away so that they are waiting for it when it arrives.

Get the offer of an extra load but not sure which truck is closest, truck tracking can help identify the closest vehicle without the need to phone around drivers.

Truck tracking can also be used to provide alerts when maintenance is due either by time or mileage ensuring that you don’t miss an inspection or oil change.

If you have your own electronic back office system we can give you access to the truck tracking data usig oour RESTful API so that your developer can integrate it into your system.


  • Fuel Savings
  • Improved Customer Service
  • Extra Income