We try our very best to offer you the standard of support which we expect for from our suppliers, most support enquiries (and there are very few) we can handle ourselves, however we do have access to skilled telecommunications support from our data supplier Stream Communications and software/server support from the developers Manning Navcomp inc.

Most of the time the problems are related to the fitting of the units and we are more than happy to help diagnose what the problem is likely to be, usually the antenna is in an unsuitable position or even fitted upside down, the other popular issue is that the ignition wire hasn’t been fitted to a suitable source.

If a unit develops a fault within the warranty period we will exchange it for a new one by post, even if a fault develops when the warranty has expired we will still offer a free test and repair service, sometimes a firmware upgrade can solve issues. (We don’t do any work on the circuit boards as we don’t have the necessary skills).

Drop me an email if you need any help, I’ll be very happy to assist you.