In general we do not hold any individuals personal data as we generally deal with businesses, however we do require a contact name and email address in addition to your bank details to allow us to setup the direct debit required for payment of the services provided.

How we deal with your information:

There is no personal data stored on the vehicle tracking system server unless you add it yourself and you have full control over deleting this information at any time.

The direct debit mandate is used only to setup your direct debit, we pass the mandate to Eazipay Ltd who are our direct debit bureau who will contact the named individual at the company to confirm setup of the mandate as required by law.

We will use your information to send you invoices and statements (if applicable), we may occasionally send you information on updates to the system or special offers but these will not be regular communications.

We will NOT sell or pass your information to any other company.

If you have any questions on how we deal with your data please don’t hesitate to contact Gordon Muir, if you cease to be a customer your personal details will be deleted from the system within 12 months.