Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Correct Vehicle Tracking Direct Solution for me?

Vehicle Tracking Direct offers various addons to our standard service, the standard service is almost certainly all you need but for companies with more distinct needs we offer a Google Maps addon which enables satellite mapping, street view, traffic overlays and route planning. If you wish to integrate the tracking info with your other back office systems we can offer you the ability to have an xml feed from our server. Last but not least the ability to have a server or desktop based version of the software in your own office (ideally you need your own IT support people for this facility).


Can I Move from One Solution to Another?

No Problem, we realise that many companies won’t want to jump right into a long term commitment and unlike other tracking companies we offer contracts from 1 year upwards, if you start on the web service and later want to upgrade to one of the other systems we will reprogram your vehicle units free of charge, the only cost will be carriage or travelling expenses if it is more appropriate for us to come to you.

If you are on a 5 year contract with another company and need to add an extra vehicle – think twice – you could put the new vehicle on our web service and when your contract comes up for renewal just move all your vehicles to one of our services.


Can I Send Messages?

All of our solutions have the ability for 2 way messaging between vehicle and base using the Garmin FMI, however speak to us if you need this functionality as it requires some bespoke work.


What is the Vehicle Tracking Direct Solution?

Vehicle Tracking Direct combines the power of satellite-based GPS and wireless networking to give you the ability to track and monitor your mobile assets from any computer connected to the Internet. The system consists of a rugged GPS receiver and wireless modem that transmits accurate GPS coordinates to our server. Then, authorized users can access that data on any internet-enabled PC using Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or later. Location and path information is available in map form, also in a variety of print-ready report formats.


How Does GPS Work?

GPS stands for Global Positioning System. The GPS receiver has an antenna that receives signals from a constellation of GPS satellites. Using the timing of signal reception from multiple satellites, the receiver calculates its own position, speed and elevation. GPS satellite signals are transmitted free of charge by the U.S. Government. GPS receivers come in all shapes and sizes suitable for boating, wilderness hiking and other outdoor activities. Our solution combines a GPS receiver with a wireless modem. The radio transmits GPS-calculated positions back over a wireless network. Location and course data is then uploaded to the Vehicle Tracking Direct web site or your desktop depending on system used. Authorized users monitor vehicle movement on maps and reports displaying route information, stop location/ duration and other valuable information.


Is the Vehicle Tracking Direct Web solution appropriate for any size of fleets?

Yes. Vehicle Tracking Direct Web service requires no up-front investment in servers or software, so the service is equally cost-effective for one to thousands!


Is Vehicle Tracking Direct Web Service map and report information real-time?

Almost. The in-vehicle unit transmits GPS position data to the servers, which in turn updates your web pages. Updates are transmitted at standard intervals. This provides timely location updates, while avoiding the data-overload problems that come with continuous position updates. The web site maps display asset position as updates are received. You control settings for how often the maps update. So depending on how frequently maps update – also depending on when vehicle reports were last received – location data can be virtually real-time!


What hardware and/or software do I need to use my Vehicle Tracking Direct Web solution?

The hardware consists of a small hardware unit installed in each mobile or fixed asset you want to track. Negligible power – drawn from the vehicle’s own electrical system – is used. The hardware unit includes an integrated GPS receiver, plus a wireless data radio connected to a cellular antenna. Software is a secure suite of web pages, that we provide, accessible to authorised users only, available on any PC running Microsoft Internet Explorer. No other hardware or software is required.


Why should I consider the Vehicle Tracking Direct solution? How do I benefit by using it?

Benefits include improved customer service, increased productivity through better scheduling, as well as enhanced driver safety and asset protection.


What if I need to know asset position right this instant?

This in known as asset “polling”. You may instantly locate a mobile or fixed asset anywhere in the UK. You simply select “Get Vehicle Position” from your secure web browser and within a few seconds your Vehicle Tracking Direct solution pinpoints the asset. If this is a mobile asset that is on the move you receive location, speed and heading! If you are using the non-Web services you can define your own update rates as well as polling the vehicle at any time.


What will it cost me to start tracking my vehicles?

Click the shop link for full pricing info, don’t forget a subscription is also required.


Are the maps of just the UK or do they include Europe?

The web service uses UK and Northern Ireland maps only however the other systems are available with either UK & NI or Europe as well.


What are the terms and conditions of subscribing to Vehicle Tracking Direct?

Easy.  Just check out our Vehicle Tracking Direct Terms and Conditions.