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Could you benefit from vehicle tracking?

If use vehicles for business then the answer is probably yes. Some people still think that it's only to keep an eye on your employees to make sure they don't do anything they shouldn't but it's far more useful than that and is better deployed to improve customer service.

Imagine getting a call from a client to say you have billed them for 8 hours but the work only took 6 hours, it looks like they are being over-charged, you're either going to deduct the time from the invoice and make it look like you tried to over-charge them or you're going to standby your invoice. Either way the client is likely to feel unhappy.
However, if you can send them a tracking report for the vehicle showing arrival and departure time you can show them that you take their business seriously and either your invoice was correct or you have the tools to react to challenges and are prepared to sort out any issues.

Either way you come out a winner!

Weekly Timesheets?

Tired of going through hand written timesheets from your staff, why not get a weekly report emailed to you and quickly look through it to identify start and finish times each day?

Do you operate passenger vehicles and get calls to say they missed the bus due to it leaving early?
That's a thing of the past with vehicle tracking, you can quickly prove who was in the wrong the deal with it appropriately.

How about an insurance claim saying your vehicle hit another vehicle

Send your insurance company a tracking report to show where the vehicle was at the date and time of the alledged incident, hopefully showing your vehicle was miles away!

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